Best Friends

Today is the birthday of a very special girl in my life. As I get older it is easier to see things clearly and one thing you realize is how important relationships are. The good ones are worth doing whatever it takes to keep them. I have seen over the years that I am so blessed to have a friendship like I do with Tiffany Marie.
Many people hope and search for a friendship like ours. A kind of friendship where you speak with your eyes and everyone around you is confused because you have a whole conversation with fragmented sentences. I don’t take her for granted. She is my best friend/cousin and I don’t take it lightly that not everyone is blessed with a friend as wonderful.
Growing up I would think that friendships had to be large in number, that you were better off having a lot of friends rather than a few amazing friends. It isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but allowing yourself to be open to someone and let them in really close is the most rewarding relationship ever. No one can ever replace Tiffs place in my life. There was a place carved out just for her that only she can fill.
She is the most talented make up artist and stylist I know. Today she is one year older and I am so blessed to have shared this life with her every year of our lives and every year to come she will be my bosom friend. Best friends are a gift from heaven.

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