Art Rules

I can remember in art school I would get so frustrated when I was really excited and proud of a project, then I would receive the notes and grade. I would get notes explaining certain art “rules” that I broke but somewhere in those notes would be positive responses about the overall piece. I understand there must be basic guidelines and rules to help mold a young artist. But, sometimes rules can be broken to create something amazing.
The way I see it you must learn all of the rules and master them before you can push the boundaries to create something new and exciting.
Let’s look at Picasso for an example. He was an artist that spent years mastering the art of realism. He was able to create amazing realistic drawings and paintings at a really young age. What I believe is that when you are able to master the art rules and learn the elements and principles of art then you can veer from that and begin to create original works of art.


To the left is an example of Picaso’s early work “The Barefoot Girl” a work that he created in his studies of figure drawing and below it is a later painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon“. This shows how he could master the art of figure drawing and from there start creating a completely new form of art that has been studied for decades.
There are guidelines to art that helps us understand what a good composition can be. Learn these rules and guidelines and let them do their job and guide you. Don’t let them keep you in a box limited from creating something beautiful.
If you are currently in art or design school hang in there. Learn all the elements and principles of design and they will help make you a more well rounded artist. When you graduate you will have a good basis to stand on to create something from within.
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Office Design Inspiration

Designing for a new office can be fun and also overwhelming there are so many things that you can choose from. So many styles, color palettes, ideas, and designs. Starting with Pinterest and looking at inspiration my “Office Inspiration Board” quickly filled up with ideas some were similar and some were completely different then the others. I began to get confused so I decided to create a mood board just like I do for my clients. It really helped to see the overall look that I was wanting for my office.






Something I have noticed, attempting to redesign and decorate your office while you are also continuing to work in it day by day can be challenging. IF you are able to quit working until the redesign is done, that would be the best option. But it has definitely strengthened my patience and sharpening my focus on the tasks. I can tell that your environment has an effect on your work and so it is important to make your surroundings yours. If you don’t have an office and you are in a work environment with cubicles or small workspaces. Find a way to add a little something that adds your personality to it.

I think something important to think about while designing for your office is that this is a place that you are meant to work in. That makes the design process much different than a bedroom or a living space. Especially for a creative career you have to think of what designs, color schemes, patterns, and layout would continually inspire you to be creative and productive.

What are items that you use to personalize your workspace? Do you have any tips you have found that help you when redesigning your office space? what do you find helps you to be more productive?

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What is this Blog

blogtitle-whatisthisblogWelcome! Bienvenido! Bonjour! Hola!
I would like to somehow in a nutshell explain why I started this blog. Maybe you care. Maybe you don’t. I’m not sure. But anywho! (I imagined that being said in a British accent)

I am an avid blog reader. I have a list of bloggers and youtubers I like and follow and admire. Looking at other blogs I see there is a common thread and thier blog can generally be titled such as “food blog” or “fashion blog” or “writers blog” “health and fitness blog”. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of how to label myself with what I intend to write and I can’t choose. I love too many things and I have too many interests and hobbies that I don’t want to neglect any of them over the other.

What I post might seem a bit scattered with art, design, acting, theater, marketing/business, and my thoughts/observations about life but those are all the things I love.
Over time maybe there will be one or two things that stick out more than the rest but I hope you will join me on this journey. My hope is to share what I know and what I observe to help anyone that might stumble or come to this blog. I want to be a place for people to find support and help with whatever I can offer.

I hope you join me on this multi faceted blog where I will share the things I know and love from the heart.

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