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How many times have you said, “There’s an app for that.” I have to say that was a genius marketing plan for apple. I love downloading new apps I hear about and trying them out. How many of you also dissect the design of each app, the user friendliness of it and the flow and functionalities?
Maybe that is the nerdy graphic designer in me. But I love to critique each app and see how things could have been designed better or what parts of the design I like the most. It takes me back to art school with the weekly project critiques. Can I get a witness? Haha.

I wanted to share with you the top 5 apps I’m currently obsessing ly critiquing and enjoying the use of. These apps are in no particular category. They are somewhat random. Some apps I use for productivity and some are for fun.

1. Evernote


I know what your thinking! Yeah your a little late to the party. I know, but I’m fashionably late right? Anyways. I will probably stay obsessed with this app. There are a lot of great qualities with this app for productivity in whatever field your in. There are great customizations to it. Customizable apps are my favorite because you can’t just assume everyone is going to want to set up their lists and notes the same way. What is great about Evernote is you can have notes and list combined and even add some reminders and alerts. It is great for creative people to have when an idea pops in your head and the computer is no where near you and you forgot pen and paper. Even writers who should practice writing everyday. Writers can use the notebook features to keep creative stories or outlines clear. I recommend this for anyone in the creative world needing to keep ideas from being lost in the land of the forgotten.

2. Heads Up

unnamedThis game I am sure is not new to some of you. If you watch Ellen’s show you might have seen her play this game with the celeb’s. I saw her play this game with Joseph Gordon-Levitt where they have to do different accents and I immediately downloaded it. My family and I have had so much fun with this game. We are big fans of catchphrase and games like charades so this app is a perfect blend of both. One person holds the phone to their head and then the other people on the team try to act out or say clues to get that person to guess the word on the screen. It even records the people doing charades and acting goofy so that you can watch it back or send the video to someone like the Ellen show. It’s a great app for groups or those awkward dinner parties. Whip it out and you have an instant fun time.

3. Entrepreneur Daily


On a more serious/business note this app is the app for this place is a great resource for all business minded people. Anyone in management or higher leadership. I love clicking on there to see the latest articles and read new perspectives on leadership, business, or news on the latest start ups. This might not be up everyone’s alley but if you are interested in becoming more well rounded in business and keeping your brain sharp I would suggest this app as a good recouce. I have been enjoying it as of late.

4. Mindly


Taking it a little more practical but still in the business mindset, the Mindly app is amazing. I just happened upon this app one day and it has helped me out so much on keeping projects oraganized in my brain. The planning process is probably one of the most important parts and this is an app that is just for that. It is basically a mind mapping app. But it’s the best one I have tried. I have tried a few because I find mind mapping to be helpful when dealing with complicated projects or even planning out a larger website. This is a great app for that as well. You can have categories within more categories and also attach notes or images with in them. What is also awesome is it looks great! I’m always about 1. User friendliness and 2. Beuatiful aesthetics. There are pro features if you enjoy using the app and want to continue mind mapping projects. Check it out and map out that mind.

5. Elevate


Speaking of the mind, Elevate is a fun mind game app. My brother introduced me to this app and I have to say I do feel a tad but smarter after playing it for a few weeks. This app is a game designed to sharpen your mind. So you can have fun and get smarter at the same time. It is rewarding at the end knowing you are having fun and exercising your brain. It will only let you play 3 games per day unless you buy the pro version. I have stuck with the 3 games and I use it as mind excercises each day. Check it out if your feeling like your mind needs to get in shape. Haha

I hope you liked the apps that I have been obsessing over. Comment below and let me know the apps that you have been loving lately.

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Winter – Free Desktop Wallpaper

winterdesktopscene I am not one for the cold winter months, but I do love the Holidays and the beauty that the blanket of the white snow creates. We have had a lot of snow the last few winters. I have noticed how when the snow covers the ground it hides all of the junk and dead limbs and instantly creates a beautiful scene.
My ideal snow day would definitely be coffee bundled up close to the fire with a good movie. (who wouldn’t right?)
I have created some scenes for your computers desktop inspired by the beauty of snow.wintertreewallpaper snowflakewallpaper
Click here to download : Evergreen Snow Scene Wallpaper
Click here to download: Snowflake Winter Scene
Click here to download: Winter Friends Snow Scene
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What is this Blog

blogtitle-whatisthisblogWelcome! Bienvenido! Bonjour! Hola!
I would like to somehow in a nutshell explain why I started this blog. Maybe you care. Maybe you don’t. I’m not sure. But anywho! (I imagined that being said in a British accent)

I am an avid blog reader. I have a list of bloggers and youtubers I like and follow and admire. Looking at other blogs I see there is a common thread and thier blog can generally be titled such as “food blog” or “fashion blog” or “writers blog” “health and fitness blog”. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of how to label myself with what I intend to write and I can’t choose. I love too many things and I have too many interests and hobbies that I don’t want to neglect any of them over the other.

What I post might seem a bit scattered with art, design, acting, theater, marketing/business, and my thoughts/observations about life but those are all the things I love.
Over time maybe there will be one or two things that stick out more than the rest but I hope you will join me on this journey. My hope is to share what I know and what I observe to help anyone that might stumble or come to this blog. I want to be a place for people to find support and help with whatever I can offer.

I hope you join me on this multi faceted blog where I will share the things I know and love from the heart.

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