Real Talk…..

Well……I’m not even sure who is reading this or who has read any of my older blogs. Maybe just those people that come to either sell me web-design services or SEO marketing services or those scam people that just leave random comments that aren’t even in english……


I graduated with a graphic design degree and naturally when thinking about starting a blog, of course it should be about graphic design right? Naturally, I should write about that, the thing that I am still paying for…..the thing I was supposed to create a career doing. Except, thats not what I am passionate about. It is not all I love.


I have had difficulty coming  up with things to write in the box of just “graphic design” and truthfully I am not even working on graphic design projects anymore.


I love so many things and in my journey to find my “niche” I realized I might not have JUST ONE.


Why can’t I love a lot of things? Also, why can’t I share all of them with you in one place?……….

I understand the marketing stand point that having a niche helps you define your target audience and really helps in growing your influence.


The way I see it is it wouldn’t be fair to just focus on one thing and not share with all the other niche’s and all the other audiences that might want to hear what I have learned or what I might have to say about whatever……


  • I love the Lord and the word and really get passionate about that….
  • I love working in film……
  • I love acting…..
  • I love production…..
  • I love creative things and get really inspired by marketing and design….
  • I love crafting….
  • I love to paint…..
  • and……oh man the list goes on


The truth is I have no idea where this road of my life will lead me. I don’t know what content I will create…..but I do know that I want to share my experiences with you. I learn so much from other people that choose to share their experiences with me. Really sometimes they save me from having to experience their journey or encourages me to experience things they enjoy. Isn’t that really the thing? We should all share and help each other achieve our goals and do what we are called to do.


So I want to do that for you……..whoever you are……


I know that, probably, no one is reading this…….but maybe there is someone out there that decided to take the time to read this blog and to them I say,


And I hope you join me on this journey of “finding my voice” and the portion I have to share with the world.


Sometimes maybe you don’t have to have it all figured out to just push the “start” button…..


So here I go……I am pushing start and I am making the decision right now to not let fear or the need to be perfect stop me from sharing with you whatever I can that might help you and bring encouragement or value to your life.


Maybe this year we can do that together. Let’s release whatever it is inside that we should share with the world.


WoW…..I feel so much better……empowered……let’s do this!


So here is to a new year – 2017!
Let it be a year full of joy, full of adventure.
A year that propels us to a new level.
When we get there may we cherish each moment and not miss the smells, the colors, and the sites.
To new goals – and to never holding back and never letting fear stop us!
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Best Friends

Today is the birthday of a very special girl in my life. As I get older it is easier to see things clearly and one thing you realize is how important relationships are. The good ones are worth doing whatever it takes to keep them. I have seen over the years that I am so blessed to have a friendship like I do with Tiffany Marie.
Many people hope and search for a friendship like ours. A kind of friendship where you speak with your eyes and everyone around you is confused because you have a whole conversation with fragmented sentences. I don’t take her for granted. She is my best friend/cousin and I don’t take it lightly that not everyone is blessed with a friend as wonderful.
Growing up I would think that friendships had to be large in number, that you were better off having a lot of friends rather than a few amazing friends. It isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but allowing yourself to be open to someone and let them in really close is the most rewarding relationship ever. No one can ever replace Tiffs place in my life. There was a place carved out just for her that only she can fill.
She is the most talented make up artist and stylist I know. Today she is one year older and I am so blessed to have shared this life with her every year of our lives and every year to come she will be my bosom friend. Best friends are a gift from heaven.
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My Journey to a Graphic Design Degree


To design or not to design that is the question. It still amazes me when people ask me the question “What does a graphic designer do?” Maybe the fact that the possibilities of a graphic designer are endless causes the profession to be somewhat a mystery to those around us.
I would like to encourage you to look beyond the bounds of your knowledge and think of the possibilities. I also started out knowing nothing of graphic design or what you can do with it. I was limited in my knowledge of the possibilities. Hopefully by sharing my experience it will shed some light and help you make a decision. Degree or no degree?

Journey to the Graphic Design Degree
When I started out my freshman year in college I was headed for the stage. I considered art a side thing, a hobby. As I progressed in my Theater Major and Fine Arts Minor I found myself looking forward to my art classes more than my theater classes. Don’t get me wrong I live for the stage and anything dealing with theater and film. I just seemed to see myself progressing in art and my theater classes taught things that seemed like second nature to me. So with a lot of discussion and thinking and praying I felt like “fine arts” was the way to go.
Never did I ever think of going into graphic design as a concentration. Painting was where I was headed. I took an entry level design class to fill a credit. I felt like an ant in Times Square. I was in over my head. I can remember freaking out not knowing how to log out of my user name on the Mac computers in the design lab. (granted this was before Mac was everywhere) I can remember gazing with my chin on the floor watching the seniors zip around adobe design suite like a boss. Every day I would go home thinking “I will never do design for a living.”
Was I ever wrong. I knew from the Lord that I was supposed to pursue Graphic Design. It scared me and I didn’t ever think I would get good at it. Let me tell you it is the best thing I have done (Go God, He knew what He was doing) Thinking about it, I know how to act and I know how to paint. I was staying in my comfort zone. Why should I pay thousands of dollars on a degree to learn something I already know?
What I Learned from my Graphic Design Degree
You might be surprised to know that the thing I value the most from my Graphic Design Degree has nothing to do with Photoshop, kerning, leading, points, or picas. The best thing I received from my graphic design degree was the ability to learn. Being self taught is the best quality to have as a graphic designer. With adobe updating every couple of years and technology moving at the speed of lightning, you never quit learning in this field. As a graphic designer you have to have the ability to research and get in there and figure it out. I can remember my best friend and I would get so frustrated when our design professor would send us away telling us to “look it up”. At first I thought he was cruel not helping us and telling us how to do this or that. Then after my first year I had taught myself web design and looked more like those seniors zipping through photoshop and InDesign. I realized he was teaching us the most important thing a graphic designer can have, the ability to be self taught.
On graduation day I can remember thinking that I didn’t feel like the same person that started out in that first “Graphic Design 101” course. It even changed my personality. I know that might sound crazy but I see the world very differently. I am much more organized and detailed than I was in High School.
Can I still do Graphic Design without a degree?
I am a strong believer in higher education but I don’t think it is impossible for someone to be very successful without it. With the vastness of the internet anyone can learn on their own if they are willing to do the work. I can say for myself I am thankful for the experience the degree gave me. I could have gone through and googled and tried to get where I am on my own but I know it would have taken me about 10 more years to get here. I feel as though the degree was like a launching pad giving me all the tools I needed to be a successful designer. I have still continued to grow and work on my craft, as every designer or artist should. We are always growing and always learning in our lives.
If you are thinking about getting a graphic design degree I encourage that thought. I have loved the possibilities that graphic design has opened up for me. Let me know what you think? Have you enjoyed your degree? Do you think a degree is necessary?
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5 Tips to Help You Design for Yourself

blogtitle-designyourselfMaybe it’s because I know everything inside my mind. #nofilter

Trying to design for yourself and brand your own logo is much harder than designing for someone else. You would think it would be easy, who knows me better than me right? But that is the problem I really know me. All of me, all the things I like, which contradicts each other sometimes. When designing and branding for someone else I am able to see the traits that stick out. What makes them…..them. When I try to turn it around on me there is no filter to see just what stands out. Anyone else feel the same.

So let me share with you some tricks I used to help me design for myself.

<1> Do something.
So often we wait and wait until it is “right” before we actually do something. It is ok to change your mind and redo it later. Knowing that it is changeable in your mind before you start gives a sense of freedom to just do whatever comes and let it evolve. You have to start somewhere or you’ll never get anywhere. (that’s quotable…I probably heard/read that somewhere)

<2> People around you.
The ones best to be able to see what makes you stand out are those that are around you day to day. Ask the people around you how they would describe you. What they would say stands out when they think about you. Ask them “If you were to describe the type of person I am to a stranger what would you say?” Use the words they use to help you pinpoint the look and style that best represents you.

<3> Pinterest.
Look at the things you pin on boards that are just about you. (Not design or client boards because chances are they will be to varied) Look at it and ask yourself does this say “me”? If yes then think for a moment what about it says “you”. Is it the colors? The textures? Fonts? Layout? If you have someone in your life that you know would know you and be able to find images that display “who you are” you could have them pin images on a secret pin board to help you see what others see. I had my cousin pin any image she saw on Pinterest that made her think of me and it really helped me see (in the images) the common thread throughout the images.

<4> Adjectives
Again, ask the people around you to give you the adjectives that would best describe your personality. This is always a good one for me. I use this trick with clients because I find the adjectives really help me see a good picture of the look and feel a person is going for. Hearing the adjectives that people tell you might be just what you need to really put your finger on the look and feel that best suits you.

<5> The Process
Trust the design process. Go through the Design Process just like you would if you were creating a brand for someone else and take all of the above tips to help you guide through. Don’t overthink it. Just go for it.

Comment below and let me know your tips and tricks for designing for yourself? Have you ever tried designing for your own brand? How did you feel during the process? Let me know in the comments below.

Also comment with anything that you would like me to write about. If you have any specific questions about design or otherwise comment below and let me know  (that rhymed 🙂 hehe)

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Who is Emily Jean?

blogtitle-emMe? Oh what a question.

I am a girl that loves great designs. Gets lost for hours in the endless beauty of Pinterest (who doesn’t). I am always double fisting multiple coffees. I don’t think there is ever a time that I am not doing something. I love being involved in things. Anything with creativity involved.

In high school I was set on going to college to study theatre. All I ever wanted was to be on the stage or on the screen. (that is still my top dream) All through school I had a love for fine arts but it took a back seat to acting. In college I found myself looking forward to my art classes more than I ever have before. Started out as a painting major and made my professor sad when I turned to graphic design. I realized if I am going to spend money on something I need to challenge myself and learn something I don’t know. My first year in design school I didn’t even know how to log out of a MAC. (to my defense this was back in early MySpace days, facebook wasn’t even popular yet) When I started design school Mac’s were rarely used by anyone other than creative professionals. That quickly changed.

I loved design. I found myself changing into a more detailed person and dissecting the leading and kerning, layout, design, and color harmonies of everything around me.

I have been a freelance designer now for 4 years. I love the freedom of working with clients and designing for a variety of projects.  Working as a freelancer has allowed me the opportunity to do other things as well. I have been working the last 4 years with my families child care center as a teacher, director and now the business manager. I love the creativity of teaching early childhood education. I hope to share with you some of the things I have learned in my time with the precious little ones.

Currently I am now working, still, as a freelance graphic designer, and Business Manager for Fruitful Ministries. Each day is filled with new things. Life in my world is never dull and never listless. I love my day planner, charts, and calendars.

The best day is hanging out with friends and family talking about and planning new exciting projects. With a cup of coffee in hand of course.

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My Office Wishlist

blogIMG-wishlist-officeI am currently moving into a new office and thinking through a redesign.
Moving into a new office can be overwhelming and exciting. I have compiled a wish list of a few things that I am dreaming of for my redesign for my new office. I started out with a color palette to help guide the redesign and then hit the Inspiration sites. Created a pin board for inspiration. I have shown a few of my favorite pieces that I am wanting for my office. I am loving the pastels lately and I always feel more inspired to be creative in a bright environment so I am opting for white walls. I love the contrast of the black and white with the pastels. The clean geometric pattern I think will create a nice clean environment for a work space.

What are your favorite pieces in your work space? Do you have anything in your office that you can’t work without?

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Stop and Listen


Have you ever had one of those moments when it just hits you and you realize that there is actually a world out there with different people going through things you have never been through, or having different opinions about life than you? *GASP*

It is a healthy thing to constantly be reminded that there is more than just the opinions we have and the view we see through our two eyes.
When you can sit down and have coffee with someone and listen to stories of things they have been through you are being enriched with more than you realize. I think too many people in the world these days are too concerned with their own life situations and concerns that we don’t take the time to stop and listen to someone else. Really getting to know what they think and how they think. We can learn so much from each other and possibly be enlightened with new ideas because we all have a unique perspective.


I think the culture we live in and the technology constantly increasing has caused humanity to be so overwhelmed and overstimulated to the point we find it hard to actually stop and just listen to one another.

I personally have a brain that probably functions on 3 pathways. I am constantly thinking all the time about 3 different things at the same time. I am not sure if that is normal, but I can tell you I never get bored. Because of my constant thinking I have to be sure to discipline my brain and make it stop thinking about the massive to do list on my iPhone and really listen and get interested in the person across the table.

I am challenging you to really try to stop and listen the next time you are with someone. Ask questions and really try to learn where that person came from, what do they think about life around us. It’s eye opening at times to hear the stories other people have experienced and it really helps you to understand who they are and why they do the things they do. Relationships with one another are the most important things we do as humans. The best way to build strong relationships is to be able to put aside what you think and feel and really listen to each other to understand each other. Humbling ourself enough to really listen.

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