Who is Emily Jean?

blogtitle-emMe? Oh what a question.

I am a girl that loves great designs. Gets lost for hours in the endless beauty of Pinterest (who doesn’t). I am always double fisting multiple coffees. I don’t think there is ever a time that I am not doing something. I love being involved in things. Anything with creativity involved.

In high school I was set on going to college to study theatre. All I ever wanted was to be on the stage or on the screen. (that is still my top dream) All through school I had a love for fine arts but it took a back seat to acting. In college I found myself looking forward to my art classes more than I ever have before. Started out as a painting major and made my professor sad when I turned to graphic design. I realized if I am going to spend money on something I need to challenge myself and learn something I don’t know. My first year in design school I didn’t even know how to log out of a MAC. (to my defense this was back in early MySpace days, facebook wasn’t even popular yet) When I started design school Mac’s were rarely used by anyone other than creative professionals. That quickly changed.

I loved design. I found myself changing into a more detailed person and dissecting the leading and kerning, layout, design, and color harmonies of everything around me.

I have been a freelance designer now for 4 years. I love the freedom of working with clients and designing for a variety of projects.  Working as a freelancer has allowed me the opportunity to do other things as well. I have been working the last 4 years with my families child care center as a teacher, director and now the business manager. I love the creativity of teaching early childhood education. I hope to share with you some of the things I have learned in my time with the precious little ones.

Currently I am now working, still, as a freelance graphic designer, and Business Manager for Fruitful Ministries. Each day is filled with new things. Life in my world is never dull and never listless. I love my day planner, charts, and calendars.

The best day is hanging out with friends and family talking about and planning new exciting projects. With a cup of coffee in hand of course.

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